7th Generation Waste Tyre Pyrolysis to Oil Plant


Waste Tyre Pyrolysis to Oil Plant can be used to pyrolysis recyling waste tyre, waste plastic and rubbers  to crude oil, carbon black, steel wire and gas. After distillation processing, we can get pure diesel oil. Heating fuel of waste tyre pyrolysis plant can be wood, coal, fuel oil, nature gas and electricity. We manufacture and supply waste tyre & plastic pyrolysis plant for global market, Romiter waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant has been exported to India, Pakistan,Thailand, Korea, South Africa, Mexico, Romania, Albania European countries and so on.

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2. Waste Tires Pyrolysis to Oil Recycling Flow:

tire broken → automatic feed → catalytic cracking → oil-water separation → cooling liquid → carbon black emission → carbon black processing → crude oil → flammable gas recovery → flammable gas combustion → desulfuration removal.


3. Main Feature of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis to Oil Plant

1). Heating System

Reactor: Using Q245R boiler plate and the thickness is 12mm, 14mm, 16mm , the thickness would be changed according the customers’requirments. The main engine use horizontal-type of 360°structure-0.8 r/min

2). Separation System

Gas separator & Depositing tank: Depart the heavy oil and impurities from the oil gas to purify the oil.

3). Condensing System

Generally speaking , for all the raw material all be finished by heating to gasification and cracking, and then cooling to get oil, so they key is the relationship between the yield rate and condensation. So the best and easy way is to increase the condense area so as to get higher yield rate.

4). Dedusting System

Desulfurization dedusting, Water film cyclone, Desulfurization dedusting:remove the sulphur(when use coal as fuel) and dust Water purification: for the second removal.

5). Waste Gas Recycles System

Water seal & Spray fire gun: In the process of refining oil, when the gas is heated up to 150 , it will produce a large amount of gas CH4&C4H8 ,which cannot convert to liquid at normal temperature and normal pressure. However, these gases can be used as fuel, which is not only environment protection but also energy conservation

6). Carbon Black Recycles System

Heaving dragon screw conveyer: The solid residual will be left after the catalyst splitting from scrap plastic, approximately take up 5% to 10% of the waste tire. Its main component is the black carbon, which can be used as raw materials in industry, as well could be mixed with the pulverized coal ash to produce the raw material of the thermal power plant, and also could be applied to the manufacturingof the pulverized coal ash brick (one kind of environmental protection building material).


4. Final products of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis to Oil Plant

Waste tire/plastic pyrolysis machine
Crude oil 45%-55%
Carbon black 20%-25%
Steel wire 10%-15%
Gas 5%
Waste oil/Crude oil distillation machine
Fuel oil 90%


5. Application of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil & Carbon Black

1). The Usage of Final Fuel Oil 2). The Usage of Final Carbon Black
A. Power plant factory A. Electric cable jacketing
B. Glass factory B. Conveyor ban
C. Cement factory C. Hose and doormat
D. Ceramic factory’ D. Black nylon bag
E. Aluminum factory E. Rubber additive
F. Boiler factory F. Automatic spare parts
G. Central heating factory G. Heat Isolation
H. Painting factory H. Black colorant in rubber materials
I. Plastic pipes
J. Industries rubber products
K. Fire fighting
3). Steel wire from waste tires can be re-sale to steel factory.

6. Working Video of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis to Oil Plant

7. Waste Tyre Pyrolysis to Oil Profitability Analysis

Take waste tires oil refining equipment processing 10 tons for example:

Cost of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Profit of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
No. Item Cost of Per Batch No. Item Income
1 10 tons of waste tires 10T×1500 RMB/T=15000 RMB 1 Crude Oil 10T×45%×4500 RMB=20250 RMB
2 0.4 tons of coal 0.4T×800 RMB/T=320 RMB 2 Carbon Black 10T×35%×520 RMB=1820 RMB
3 Water and Electricity 200×1.00 RMB=200 RMB 3 Steel Wire 10T×13%×2200 RMB=2860 RMB
4 Workers 4×100 RMB=400 RMB 4 Gross Profit 24930 RMB
5 Total Cost 15920 RMB 5 Daily Net Profit 24930 RMB-15920 RMB=9010 RMB
6 Monthly Net Profit 9010 RMB×25=225250 RMB
7 Yearly Net Profit 225250 RMB×10=2252500 RMB


8. Enviromental Friendly Feature

Water includes two parts: First, condensing water, it can be recycled,water release is that pour into, no pollution, only a little high temperature. Second, dust removing water, it must be polluted water, but it also can be recycling, just pour into no discharge. .

Gas includes two parts: First, exhaust, our equipments have advanced exhaust gas recovery system; we can recycling and reuse it. Second, smoke dust, it is generated from burning coal or exhaust, after the treatment of dust removing device, can meet the emission standards of national requirements.

9. Safety Operation Feature

  1. Professional sealing technology for cover, oil outlet.
  2. Heavy oil is separated which can avoid the problems of jam in later condensing.
  3. Vacuum system will prevent exhaust gas from going back to reactor and causing accident.
  4. Alarm, safety valves, thermometer, pressure gauge and safety valve.
  5. It is dangerous to burning exhaust gas (C1 to C4). In our process, it is transferred first through the safety device and a safety burning air muzzle. Before burning, we should ensure the safety of production.

10. After Sale Service for Waste Tyre Pyrolysis to Oil Plant

1). Installation and Training: Our Company will send 1 technician for guiding your installation, testing the machine and training your workers. The installation period shall be 20 days. You shall pay salary for the technician with $80 per day and also the round-trip ticket and accommodation.

2). Warranty:

  • the reactor guarantee period shall be 60 months.
  • Transmission Equipments guarantee period shall be 36 months.
  • Valve, meter and switch box guarantee period shall be 24 months

Why Choose Us:

Romiter Group are committed to manufacture pressure vessel, pyrolysis and distillation machine for 5 years. Our factory has complete experience and technology to complete your order. Our oil distillation plant is environmental friendly and energy saving, which make sure customer can use it anywhere.

Nowadays, Romiter Group products include waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant, waste plastic pyrolysis to oil plant, waste oil distillation machine, rubber crusher plant, carbon black recycling plant.

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