Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Project Market Analysis


With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry, there are 1.5 billions waste(scrapped) tyres/tires all over the world. Many countries are confronted with the problem that how to deal with increased waste tires/tyres. The main part of the waste tires—–waste rubber, is the hazardous waste acknowledged by the international. A large number of the waste tires/tyres are piled up in the open-air long time that occupied a large number area of the land. It is easy to breed virus and produce the spontaneous ignition.

However, which the waste rubber based on waste tires can be recycled again. We, Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. manufacture the waste tyre refining equipment that can process the waste tires and get the crude oil. At the same time it also can get the carbon black, steel, flammable gas and so on. It can not only solve the problem of the environmental pollution, but also the question of the shortage of the energy. Then it can help us creat the big economic profit.

In China for example, there are waste tires about 1.4 million tons. That a large number of the waste tires discard in the valley, rivers and some remote places, will cause serious pollution. In the 1990’s, a great deal of waste tyre refining equipment have been beginning to put into use. It can process the waste tires about 100 million tons. With the development of this industry, now the price of the waste tires which is free of charge before has already reached 300 USD per ton, and the price of the crude oil has already reached 700 USD per ton. The steel and the carbon black also can get effective use.

Maybe the waste tires are piled up in your country just like the hills. Why not do action now? Using the waste tyre refining equipment to process the waste tyre and get the crude oil, carbon black and steel.


The formula of economic benefit analysis

 The cost of 8 ton tire A
Oil output B=8ton*45%=3.6ton
Fule(coal): C=0.8ton*price/ton
Electricity : D=15kw*20hour
Wokers salary E=4(persons) *Price/Person
Crude oil F=8ton*45%*Price/ton
Carbon black G=8ton*35%*Price/ton
Tires wire H=8ton*10%*Price/ton

Take waste tire oil refining equipment processing 10 tons for example

No. Item Cost of Per Batch
1 10 tons of waste tires 10T*USD 236/T=USD2360
2 0.4 tons of coal 0.4T*USD126 /T=USD50.4
3 Water and electricity 200*USD0.16=USD32
4 Workers Salary 4*USD16=USD64
5 Total Cost USD2506.4


NO. Item Income
1 Crude Oil 10T*45%*USD709=USD3190.5
2 Carbon Black 10T*35%*USD82=USD287
3 Steel Wire 10T*13%*USD34=USD450
4 Gross Profit USD3927.5
5 Daily Net Profit USD3927.5-USD2506.4=USD1421.1
6 Monthly Net Profit USD1421.1*25=USD35527.5
7 Yearly Net Profit USD35527.5*10=USD 355275

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