Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant


Concept of waste engine oil:

In engine oil is mixed with moisture, dust and other impurities, or oil gradually metamorphism/go bad, generated the organic acid, colloid and asphalt content etc.

Waste Oil Distillation Plant can treat a variety of waste lube oil and get high quality base oil and a small amount of gasoline and diesel through vacuum distillation. After pretreatment, waste oil pumped into the distillation kettle, heating to working temperature, and then we can get the base oil, gasoline and diesel we required.

When reaction complete, stop heating and remove residue from the bottom of the tank, then the machine can be used again. The production cost is low, but the base oil is high quality. This is the most advanced technology in the world in the waste oil recycling line and suitable for large-scale industrial production.

Operation Process of Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant

1. Distillation:

Oil temperature at 70 ~ 120 degrees before is gasoline and coal tar, 180 ~ 380 degrees is diesel, the remaining is heavy oil.

2. Acid cleaning

  • Chemicals: concentrated sulfuric acid/H2So4 (92%~98%)
  • Usage: accounts for 6% ~ 8% of waste engine oil volume
  • Function: remove the colloid, asphalt content and other impurities in the waste engine oil.
  • Steps: mix 6% ~ 8% sulfuric acid slowly under stirring, after that, continue to stir for half an hour, and then let stand for 2 ~ 3 hours, remove acid slag automatically.

3. Alkaline cleaning

  • Chemicals: soda ash/Na2Co3
  • Usage: accounts for 5% of waste engine oil volume
  • Function: Remove the remnant of vitriolic acid by organic acid cleaning and neutralize acid cleaning in the used oil.
  • Steps: mix 5% soda ash slowly under stirring, after fully stir evenly, then let stand for 1 ~ 2 hours, then use PH test paper to check acid and alkaline neutral, then let stand for 2 ~ 3 hours, automatically remove the alkaline slag.

4. Activated clay adsorption

  • Chemicals: activated clay
  • Usage: accounts for 3.5%~ 5% of waste engine oil volume
  • Function: Remove bad color in waste engine oil.
  • Steps: mix 3.5%~5% activated clay slowly under stirring, after that, continue to stir for half an hour, and then let stand for 1 ~ 2 hours, remove bad color automatically, we could get diesel finally.

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