German pyrolysis firm to build Colo. plant

German pyrolysis firm to build Colo. plant

A German firm specializing in pyrolysis is planning to build a commercial-scale tire pyrolysis plant in Hudson in partnership with CH2E Group, the owner of the largest tire dump in the U.S.,

Munich-based Pyrolyx and CH2E signed a letter of intent Feb. 18 covering the future partnership, Pyrolyx said. This represents Pyrolyx’s entry into the U.S. market, the company said.

Under the planned strategic partnership, CH2E will provide Pyrolyx with the land to build the plant, which is tentatively scheduled to be commissioned in 2016.

CH2E also will provide Pyrolyx with high-quality shredded tires from which Pyrolyx will recover carbon black. According to Pyrolyx, CH2E’s dump has a volume of approximately 600,000 tons of scrap tires.

After the plant is commissioned, Pyrolyx and CH2E will have the right to build further production lines for the recovery of carbon black, according to the German firm.

“By today’s standards, this will be the world’s largest plant for the production of recovered carbon black,” Pyrolyx said.

Pyrolyx is a publicly traded company that claims to have developed a patented process that enables valuable raw materials such as recovered carbon black to be made from commercial rubber granules produced from end-of-life tires, which is considered a sustainable closed recycling loop.

It has one operating plant, in Drunen, Netherlands, that opened in 2013 producing carbon black.

Shortly before disclosing its plans for the Colorado plant, Pyrolyx agreed to merge with Carbon Clean Tech A.G., a Potsdam, Germany-based company specializing in the recovery of carbon black from post-consumer rubber products. It operates one plant, in Stegelitz, Germany.

Pyrolyx claims the two companies together will be the world’s largest producer of recovered carbon black from post-consumer rubber.

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