Chinese tyre recycling plant to feed ‘SRI Compound’ demand

A plant for converting end of life tyre rubber into a compound suited for use in new tyres will be set up in China’s Fujian Province if the aims of a new Memorandum of Understanding are fully realised. The MoU signed between China Automobile Parts Holding Limited and Malaysia’s Sri Elastomers Sdn. Bhd. on 18 March formalises both parties’ intention to form an alliance for the commercialisation of SRI Compound. Plans call for the establishment of a joint operation in the city of Xiamen.

The facility will utilise Sri Elastomers’ technical expertise and technology, including its devulcanisation technology, to recycle end of life tyres and other processed rubber products into SRI Compound. This compound can be used for the manufacture of both new tyres and retreads, as well as for conveyor belts, rubber hoses, automotive components and general rubber products. China Automobile Parts Holder, an investment holding company that specialises in the manufacture of chassis components used in goods vehicles, views the MoU as an opportunity for it “to venture into related industry in recycling rubber products by leveraging on SRI’s business network and customer base.”

SRI Elastomers was founded in 2004 and is a fully-owned subsidiary of the SRI (Sekhar Research Innovations) Group. It claims to be working together with leading global tyre makers towards the mass commercialisation of its products, and the SRI Elastomers facility in Sungai Buloh, Malaysia is already producing SRI Compound in volume.

The MoU is valid for six months from the date of signing and may be extended by mutual agreement.

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