10Ton Per Batch Waste Tyre Recycling to Diesel Oil Plant

Waste-Plastic-or-Waste-Tyre-Recycling-to-Diesel-Oil-PlantRomiter Group as a leading pyrolysis machine manufacture, we need to develop all the time. According to the customers’ requirement, we design a new pyrolysis machine with lower cost and higher oil output. it make the pyrolysis oil become easy.

The technology we are using for waste recycling is “pyrolysis”. Pyrolysis is a green technology for waste recycling. It recycles waste tire, waste plastic and waste rubber into fuel oil. It’s a renewable energy and helpfuel to our environment. It solves environmental pollution which is becoming a serious problem in everywhere. I believe it’s a meaningful industry.


Working Process of Waste Tyre Recycling to Oil Plant


1.Feed raw materials
The raw material can be waste tire/waste plastic/waste rubber. Always feed by the auto feeder.

Include a reactor and catalyst room. Heat the reactor by coal/wood/oil/natural gas. This part will produce high temperature oil gas, the oil gas then flow into the next system.

3. Condensing
Oil gas come out from the reactor and catalyst chamber then cooling down in this part. Condensing system include condenser pipe, oil water separator, horizontal condenser and waste gas condenser. This will make the oil yield to the maximum.

4.Waste gas recovery
This part mainly deal with the gas that cannot be condensed. The whole process is very steady and high efficiency.

5. Discharge
After finished oil produce, the temperature of reactor can be cooled down, When the temperature falls down to 40 degree then carbon black can be discharged automatically by the way of anticlockwise rotate the reactor. The carbon black will drop into slag pool and then use screw conveyor to clean the slag pool. After discharging the carbon black, we can discharge the steel wire. There is steel wire hook in the auto-feeder, we only need put the steel wire hook into the reactor, and start the motor, the steel wire can be pulled out easily, there is no need for workers to contact the reactor, it is very convenient.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis to oil machine delivery 2 Waste Tyre Pyrolysis to oil machine delivery 3

Equipment List of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Recycling to Oil Plant

A The Main Engine
1 Reactor Φ2200×L4800×H2400mm 1 Set Assembled by refractory cement etc.
2 Furnace grate L1000mm Casting 20 Pieces
3 Pressure gage Y-100 0-0.6 Mpa 1 Piece
4 Furnace door Casting 400 mm×400 mm 2Pieces
5 Pyroelectricity thermocouple Depth 300WRN-130 0-1300℃ 1 Piece
Pyroelectricity sensor wire 2*1.5mm—-380V 10 Meters
Thermometer XMT Series 1 Piece
B The part of catalytic and condenser
1 Horizontal condenser Ф600mm×L3500mm 2 pieces
Ф325mm×L3500mm 1Piece
2 Horizontal heat exchange Ф159mm×L6000mm 1 Piece fabrication on site
3 Catalysis Ф600mm×H2500mm 1 Piece
4 Oil tank Ф1500mm×L4600mm 2 piece
Ф900mm×L1500mm 1 piece
Note The electricity, water Water pool, water pump, link pipes, electric wire, electric meter, air blower etc. Arrange by buyer
C The part of flammable gas recovery
1 Anti-back fire device Ф630mm×H750mm 1 piece
2 The tail gas nozzle 1 piece
3 The blower 200W 1 piece
D Other accessories – valves, pipes, screws, asbestos pad etc.
1 Valve 38.1mm valve 20 pieces
A 27H-10 Safety valve 2 pieces
2 Pipe fitting 38.1mm slipknot 6 pieces With 12 pads
25.4mm Slipknot 2pieces With 4 pads
38.1mm elbow 20 pieces
25.4mm elbow 6 pieces
25.4mm galvanized pipe 1 piece 6m
38.1mm galvanized pipe 3 pieces 18m
Φ273 Steel pipe 3 pieces 18m
Φ159 Steel pipe 1 piece 6m
Φ89 Steel pipe 1 piece 6m
38.1mm pipe hoop 10 pieces
25.4mm pipe hoop 6 pieces
Flange cover DN80 1 piece
Flange DN80 6 pieces
Flange DN150 2 pieces
Flange DN250 6 pieces
38.1mm Double nipple 20 pieces
25.4mm Double nipple 6 pieces
3 Screw& Nuts M16×50 150 sets
M10×30 30 sets for draught fan
4 Link Joint Ф108mm 1piece
E Dust & Flavor&Color Removing and Environmental Device
1 Draught fan Y5—47 4C Motor 3KW 380V 1 set
-1 Mouth of horn Ф273—Ф400 1 piece
-2 Air Shutter Ф400 1 piece
-3 Quadrate Elbow 266*321mm 1 suit
-4 Slide 2 pieces
-5 Triangular belt 2 pieces
-6 Foundation bolt 8 pieces
2 Dust removal deviceⅠ Φ800mm×H3380mm 1 set
3 Dust removal deviceⅡ Φ800mm×H1000mm 1 set
4 Chemical pump Ф200 Motor 1.5KW-380V 1 piece
5 Oil pump KCB-83.3 Motor 2.2KW-380V 2 pieces
6 Decolorizing tank Ф630mm×L900mm 1 piece
7 Purification tank Ф1300mm×H3900mm 2 Pieces
8 Charger Gas pump 1 unit
9 Lead Wind Pipe Φ273 10m
10 Water nozzle 1/2” 2 pieces
11 Elbow 1/2” 2 pieces
12 Thread head 1/2” 2 pieces Oil tank parts
13 Plastic pipe 1/2” 1 piece Oil tank parts
14 Electric cabinet 1100*900*640mm 1 piece
15 Refractory brick 230*114*65mm 260 pieces
16 Refractory clay 50KG 1 bag
17 Asbestos cord Ф10 1 tie
18 Asbestos pad 1.5 Sq. m


Specification of 10Ton Per Batch Waste Tyre Recycling to Diesel Oil Plant


Item Content
Name WTPO-10 Waste Tyre Recycling to Diesel Oil Plant
Size D2600*L6600
Capacity 10 T
Structure Horizontal type
Door’s model Semi-open door
Raw material scrap tire,plastic,rubber,tyre
Running speed 0.4 R/Min
Power 10-15 kw
Cooling type Water cooling
Consumption of cooling water 0.2
Heating type Direct
Nosie <=85 db
Installation 10-15 days
Warranty 1 year


Shipment of Waste Tyre Recycling to Diesel Oil Plant


Model Name Size Capacity Output /day Containers
WTPO-5 Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Delivery Dimension D2000*L5000 5 2-3 T 20HQ+40GP
WTPO-8 Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Delivery Dimension D2200*L6600 8 5-6T 40HQ+40FR
WTPO-10 Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Delivery Dimension D2600*L6600 10 7-8T 40HQ+40FR
WTPO-12 Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Delivery Dimension D2800*L6600 12 8-10T 40HQ+40FR

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Romiter Group are committed to manufacture pressure vessel, pyrolysis and distillation machine for 5 years. Our factory has complete experience and technology to complete your order. Our oil distillation plant is environmental friendly and energy saving, which make sure customer can use it anywhere.

Nowadays, Romiter Group products include waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant, waste plastic pyrolysis to oil plant, waste oil distillation machine, rubber crusher plant, carbon black recycling plant.

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